Flash News
  • Students Welfare – In our college we have student Counseling officers who go on to take care of the student’s academics and personality developer in very efficient manner.


  • Cultural Committee – Students are have been given an opportunity to expose their talent varies cultural activities.


  • Parents – Teachers committee – College student’s parents and faculty committee exist. The parents are advised to arrive at a chance to discuss academic issues.


  • The internal quality of the reform committee – College Principal and the Heads of the Council to maintain the overall quality feel.


  • Student Advisory Centre – Students are counseled by some expert faculty of the college trained.
  • Edusat – Distance education is now connected to the college. The Power Point presentation with the use of modern technology in teaching. We can modernize learning process of the students and faculty with the help of information technology.


  • Cyber center – This helps to browse the students and improve the Technical knowledge.


  • Student Scholarship – The family annual income is less than 11,000 college tuition fees only, the discount can be obtained from the student.


  • AlumniWe have introduced this committee to stay tune with old students and their success will be an example for the currently pursuing students and all the old students have registered with us to become a member of the alumni.